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Are you interested in becoming a How2 Buddy?

At the Nelson Mandela University, the Academic Orientation programme is called How2@Mandela, and the Orientation Leaders are called How2 Buddies.

How2 Buddies

Do you fit the following profile?

Personal qualities:

  • Are you friendly, outgoing, and resourceful?
  • Are you self-confident? Do you enjoy working with people? Do you have their welfare at heart?
  • Are you non-judgemental?
  • Are you good at team work?
  • Are you capable of leading groups of approximately 20 students? Can you look after the needs of these students?
  • Are you interested in assisting first-year students adjust to university?

Communication Skills:

  • Do you have good verbal skills?

Academic qualification:

  • Are you a student in good standing?

University experience:

  • Are you positive about your experience at the univeristy?
  • Are you positive about the How2 Programme?
  • Are you committed to a non-racial, non-sexist, non-discriminatory university?
  • Are you willing to learn more about Nelson Mandela University's vision and mission?
  • Are you willing to learn more about your university and your faculty?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to these questions, we would like to have you on our team! (Come in to Student Counselling, North Campus to complete an application form.)

Job Description:

  • Facilitate the activities of 20 to 25 1st year students for 1 to 2 days during Orientation Week; the activities will centre around coping with being a student at the university (training will be provided).
  • Assist parents and first-years with directions during the Welcoming Ceremony and Faculty Meet & Greet.
  • Manage an information booth located at a strategic point on campus, during the first two weeks of term, when you don't have lectures.
  • Wear your How2 T-shirt for at least the first week of the first term and be prepared to answer questions from lost first- year students.

You need to agree to:

  • Attend a training programme: four workshops offered in the previous year and three days of core training in late January.
  • Facilitate a small group of first-year students during the How2 programme, and take care of your group for each of their other orientation events. 
  • Manage one of the Information Booths that will be located at various places on campus during first week.
  • Buddy your first-year group for the first term of the academic year.
  • Wear your How2 T-shirt (provided) during orientation week and for the first week of term, and be willing to provide information and give directions.

What is in it for you?

  • Two free T-shirts.
  • A training certificate for your CV.
  • Developing your own personal, social and academic skills; making yourself more employable.
  • A stipend to cover your transport costs.
  • A co-curricular record if you have fulfilled all training requirements and fulfilled all your responsibilities.

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