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Prospective undergraduate, postgraduate, and international students who wish to join Nelson Mandela University in 2023 are invited to apply online. To ensure adequate time for application, processing and planning by the University and applicants, online applications for early admission in 2023 should be submitted by:

  • 31 May 2022 for MBChB applications with the NBT (if applicable) to be written by no later than 31 July 2022
  • 30 June 2022 for Bachelor of Radiography (BRad) applications
  • 04 August 2022 for early applications (excluding MBChB & BRad)
  • 30 September 2022 for late applications (excluding MBChB & BRad)
  • 30 September 2022 for international student applications (application fee applicable)
  • 30 September 2022 for ALL student housing applications

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How do I access my online learning activities and lecturers?

At the start of the academic year, the academic activities and main communication channel between students, faculties and lecturers will be online and electronic. All registered and finally accepted first years, as well as all registered and unregistered senior students, will be given access to the University’s learning sites and technologies. In the case of unregistered students, this access will be temporary until you have registered.

Here are the instructions on how to connect to your online classes.

Study@Mandela Important Information

  • 2023 Academic Applications
  • Career & Study Fields
  • Track your 2023 Academic Admission Status
  • Chat to a Student Recruitment Specialist
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Housing & Accommodation
  • Track your 2023 Residence Admission status
  • Universal Accessibility and Disability Services (UADS)
  • George Campus


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First-Year Success 2023 Orientation Programmes 

  • First-Year Success 2023 Orientation Overview coming soon...
  • 2023 First-Year Success Guide (Gqeberha and George) coming soon...
  • 2023 Faculty-based Orientation Timetables coming soon...
  • 2023 Academic Welcoming Events coming soon...

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Important Guides for Prospective Students and Parents

  • 2022 FYS@mandela First-Year Guide
  • 2023 FYS@mandela First-Year Guide coming soon…
  • Important Letter for 2023 Prospective Students coming soon…
  • Key contacts ready to assist you with any Mandela Uni related enquiry
  • Your personal Guide to Self-Care ad Wellness


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Digital Learning Readiness Programmes

  • Become digitally literate (DigiReady)
  • Accessing student portal
  • Accessing moodle/ilearn site
  • Where to find what at MandelaUni (FindIt@mandela)
  • Student Success Resources 

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Important quick guides for you

  • 2023 Online Applications Guidelines
  • Change of Qualification Application form for current students
  • Declaration by parent form
  • UADS student reasonable accommodations application form
  • Request for module credits
  • Qualification quote
  • Nelson Mandela University 2023 Study Fields
  • Faculty-specific prospectus
  • Courses per Faculty  


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Our Social Media Platforms

  • How to follow, like and chat with us on Facebook and Instagram
  • Contact us via email

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DigiReady Buddies (George and Gqeberha)

DigiReady Buddies have been appointed to assist first-year students via WhatsApp, MS Teams and email: DigiReady@mandela.ac.za

If you need assistance with: 

  • How to work on Moodle and upload your assessments
  • Assign modules on Moodle
  • Setup student email address
  • Setup emails on devices (Android phones, iPhones and Laptop)
  • How to download MS Teams, MS Office, and other operating softwares used by the University
  • Some operating systems assistance
  • How to access labs/computer labs on campus
  • How to access and use VPN from home/off-campus
  • Troubleshoot help and referral to ICT Helpdesk

Use the following email to contact a DigiReady Buddy: DigiReady@mandela.ac.za or visit the DigiReady website: http://getdigiready.mandela.ac.za/

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Orientation Timetables 

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How to be a FYS Buddy

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